generalstrikes: 5, 28, 36

Sorry these are so late ahh

5. The best birthday I ever had

I think the best birthday I ever had was last summer was last summer, my 16th because I was at camp having a fucking great time. I was surrounded by friends (read: you) and my bunk was awesome and that whole session was stellar. Hopefully this year (its on Friday!!) will be even better.

28. My kinks/fetishes

Oh my god why did you put this in here YOU KNOW THESE THINGS


One of my kinks is crossdressing and genderplay and experimenting with that really really helped me discover my identity. At first I thought I was some pervert and I only liked dressing up because it pleased me sexually, but then I realized these things were just really nice to wear. And when I wore them, I only barely barely felt like a boy and that is what I wanted most.

36. My guilty pleasures

Oh god. One of the things I really like is hip hop and rap and pop and just and electronic music in general. A lot of the people I used to play music with would really shit on that and make me feel like scum for liking those things, so I hid it for a while. Their whole argument was that it “didn’t require talent” (of course it does) and therefore it “wasn’t real music” (you don’t make the rules about what music is or isn’t, get over it). But now I really enjoy those genres without shame.



no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful